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It’s so beautiful though.

That’s the sound of engineering school, kids. Screaming, then silence.

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My poor desk right now. Send help. I’m buried in my concrete homework.

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alycatkoby This is the animal equivalent of the face

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Sending my roommate alycatkoby on a shamecation.

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Kristen Plays Hatoful Boyfriend: Part II

I love this crazy-ass motherfucker. He’s just so delightfully psycho.

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More Friday night doodles! Of course the first thing I do when I get a new Photoshop tool is draw a bridge #CivilEngineeringProblems

What is shading.

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Don’t like Manga Studio? Get this instead.




I know I’ve been basically acting as a clown with a sign outside the Manga Studio shop, but I do realize that some people are just too used to other programs to change now. And that’s fine, if you actually work better with it. But part of the reason I went over to Manga Studio, when I’ve tried Photoshop, SAI, Gimp, FireAlpaca, Sketchbook Pro, and Corel Painter… is because of the exceptional stabilizers and penstroke guides that let you make distinctive shapes, draw easily in perspective, and make it all look highly organic and professional.

Well… for those of you who want to stick with your other art programs… There is Lazy Nezumi Pro.

I do not use it. But that’s only because I feel that Manga Studio can already do all this stuff. But I am exceedingly impressed with what LNP has created. They’ve created a program that brings stabilizers, perspective guides, pressure sensitivity editing, and much more to programs that don’t normally have them.

I will just let the images speak for themselves:







This is the exact reason I have strayed from Photoshop. Because of the lack of ARTIST tools, and the profound lack of stability.

Well, here it is. They fixed it. And it works with other programs too.

So… yeah. If you aren’t interested in Manga Studio, but you still want to improve your digital penstrokes, definitely check out the demo.

I’ve been using this nearly constantly since I got it.  It’s amazing~


You guys this is the real deal.

I ran this bad boy off in an hour. The lack of anything resembling a ruler in Photoshop has been my biggest pet peeve for the longest time, and now this is a thing. I can’t wait to dabble with this tool even more, I was only using the isometric constraints for this one.

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Not sure what creeps me out more, Hatoful Boyfriend or Hannibal.

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Kristen Plays Hatoful Boyfriend: Part I

So my brother got me Hatoful Boyfriend for my birthday??? I’ve never played dating sims before, so this is probably a bizarre foray into the genre, but I digress.

I died on my first round lol. Didn’t make enough bird bros, so the supreme council decided that I was no longer needed? I thought my ~hunter gatherer skills~ would have been enough to fight them off, but alas.

It’s surprisingly addicting. Now I want to get all the endings D:

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This is the part where I draw instead of doing homework on a Friday night

Attempting to nail down a consistent colouring style I can use for comics! Note to self:

  1. Sketch
  2. Lineart
  3. Shading: The Mikiko Ponczeck method (black, opacity, merge)
  4. Flats and colour accents
  5. Highlights (white, soft light, reflections on top layer)
  6. Colour lineart to a fraction of flat colour (0.3/0.4)
  7. Background, colour adjustments, watermark

Blackbird is getting closer aaaahhhhh!!!!!

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Shocking Truths Behind What Cat Behaviors Really Mean…