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Our morning routine.

My cat.

My stupid fuckin’ cat does exactly this.

Look how smug she even looks.

Like she won’t puke on the carpet instead of the tile.

And then go back for more.

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Photoshop strikes again. Original photo cred alycatkoby

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That time we went to a lavender farm and a winery.

"Wow, this is actually in the middle of nowhere"

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Silver Spoon presents: Analogies with Okawa

Silver Spoon presents: Analogies with Okawa

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The products of not studying and not working. A couple doodles of my ponytail goatee one-eyed one-armed bb.

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Posted 1 month ago

There were some slooooow days at work…

Blackbird spoilers lolwut

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Today on the jobsite: 2014-05-29

Pavement marking application. One guy goes in front with the paint, another guy behind him drops the glass beads on. It was rock hard within minutes.

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I can’t even believe this kid.