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Not sure what creeps me out more, Hatoful Boyfriend or Hannibal.

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Kristen Plays Hatoful Boyfriend: Part I

So my brother got me Hatoful Boyfriend for my birthday??? I’ve never played dating sims before, so this is probably a bizarre foray into the genre, but I digress.

I died on my first round lol. Didn’t make enough bird bros, so the supreme council decided that I was no longer needed? I thought my ~hunter gatherer skills~ would have been enough to fight them off, but alas.

It’s surprisingly addicting. Now I want to get all the endings D:

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This is the part where I draw instead of doing homework on a Friday night

Attempting to nail down a consistent colouring style I can use for comics! Note to self:

  1. Sketch
  2. Lineart
  3. Shading: The Mikiko Ponczeck method (black, opacity, merge)
  4. Flats and colour accents
  5. Highlights (white, soft light, reflections on top layer)
  6. Colour lineart to a fraction of flat colour (0.3/0.4)
  7. Background, colour adjustments, watermark

Blackbird is getting closer aaaahhhhh!!!!!

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Shocking Truths Behind What Cat Behaviors Really Mean…

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I did a thing

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Three Rivers (2010) vs Coelacanth (2014)

So, uh, if you were ever curious about my art process, this is pretty much it. Sketch, lines, flats, shading and highlights, post-processing. Everything in Photoshop CS2 except for lineart, for which I use SAI.

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I did that thing, where you listen to a lot of Deadmau5 and redo an old drawing over the course of a month while trying out new painting techniques.

I have many characters, but Lotus was my first. May she live forevermore as Lulani, and infinite nameable video game characters.

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making new friends like


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Doodles with lazy two-toned shading? Check. Minor characters that aren’t even that relevant to my plot? Double check. Autumn themed even though it’s still August? Triple check.

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Nishikawa’s love of dating sims is rivaled only by his love of potatoes.